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Our Services

What makes MBI different?

With a versatile and diverse team of bi-partisan professionals, we craft multi-disciplinary solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We have the relationships and skillset needed to shape conversations and influence legislation, change existing policy, and deliver outstanding results to all our clients.

Government Relations

To successfully impact the passage, amending, or stopping of legislative bills, you need to know the issues and how best to communicate them persuasively.

Regulatory Affairs

Lobbying Departments of State requires a unique skill set. One needs to know the people, practices and protocols of each Department and Authority. We have an unparalleled familiarity with and respect for regulatory processes and the people who implement them.

Strategic Communications

Our media advisors are skilled in crafting messages, educating messengers, and managing press and media relations.

Crisis Management

Over the years, we have provided crises management to high-profile clients that have needed our expertise to mitigate the effects of corporate controversies, workplace issues, public outrage, and safety and environmental issues.

Community Outreach / Agency Coordination

Project support and acceptance from the business, community, and government stakeholders at the local, state, and federal, levels are essential to the success of any project.

Governmental Marketing

Marketing products and services to the government is very different from such activities in the private sector. Our team has decades of experience in procurement and delivering for clients.