MBI-GluckShaw, New Jersey's largest public affairs firm, good ideas and just causes are given their best chance to break through the barriers of government and commerce. Our team of highly specialized and experienced individuals have worked in or around government longer than any other firm in New Jersey. Our bipartisan affiliations and record of respect for both sides of the political aisle have permitted us to succeed where others have fallen short.

We are proud to represent individuals, corporations, associations, not-for-profits and others before legislative and executive branch decision makers as well as county and local governmental agencies.

No other firm in New Jersey can match our many years of broad and deep experience in politics and government – not even close.  We have 4 former legislators (2 Republicans, 2 Democrats) – one other firm has two.  Our members include 4 former members of the governor’s cabinet, former municipal officials including two mayors and former heads of the N. J. Air National Guard, the Division of Motor Vehicles and New Jersey Transit.  Members of the firm have served or presently serve as county, state and national political party officials.